Lead Update - March 2017


On Tuesday 21st March, Lead held the first of their three Leading In sessions for 2017. We were joined by Group Captain Mark Hunt OBE who led a TED talk on his Personal Leadership journey. It was truly an inspiring story where participants heard how he rose through the RAF ranks and his advice on leadership;

-          Believe in yourself and others

-          Understand when to be an authoritative leader and when to take a step back and be a non-authoritative leader.

As well as learning about the leadership styles used within the RAF, it was fascinating to hear about his volunteer work where he was previously the President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, its youngest in the 167-year history, the first RAF officer to do so and the first serving member of the Armed Forces to be elected President. This made him responsible for 112,000 members in 140 countries.

Following his talk, participants attended a choice of three workshops.

-          Building your resilience with Elana Friedman

-          Coaching as a leader with Natalie Grazin

-          Developing your personal brand through social media with Karen Ackerman

With 40 participants split into the workshops, all 3 were a great success and participants were able to take away newly found key skills with them

Leading In also allows expert peer to peer learning within the workshops and this provides participants with an opportunity to learn best practice from other like-minded communal professionals and trustees – something that is highly beneficial to the continued progress of our communal organisations.  

After the evening a participant stated they felt they are ‘more resilient than I thought and I will try and manage with and without authority’. These evenings are designed for exactly that; to learn new skills and to implement them in their day to day working life.

We are excited to have two more sessions in the upcoming months:

Monday 15th May 2017 we will be joined by the first women to win the Sunday times Best Leader award, Rachel Bell who is the founder of PR Agency Shine discussing Team Leadership. She will be followed by sessions on:

-          Creating a high performing team with Larry Shulman

-          Leading your team through challenging times with Carolyn Bogush

-          Managing conflict with Claire Straus

Our third and final session is on Monday 10th July 2017 where will be joined by Keith Breslauer, Managing Director of Patron Capital. We will then have three sessions on the following topics:

-          Developing your organisations brand with Dr Alex Gordon

-          Develop your organisations purpose, vision and values with Wallace Rosenberg

-          The importance of Peacocks with Joe Hildebrand

You can read all the session information and book your place at http://www.jlead.org.uk/leading-in/