Leeds Jewish Representative Council



The Leeds Jewish Representative Council (LJRC) has been a voice for Jewish people living and working in Leeds since 1917, representing and working in the interests of the community and its partner organisations.

The projects we’re involved with are testament to the breadth of our role and we’ve helped strengthen links between Jewish and non-Jewish community members alike; from educational, outreach and interfaith projects with the wider community, to officiating at local events, supporting our affiliated organisations and liaising with local government on key issues affecting Jewish people.

Civic and private duties include attending Iftars, Holocaust Memorial Day Services and Quaker-Jewish dialogue groups. Our annual candle lighting ceremony, which hosts a diverse interfaith guest list, is one of the highlights in our calendar.

We’re also actively involved in projects that promote harmonious coexistence between all faith groups. These include a Muslim-Jewish women’s group (Nisha-Nashim), a literary outreach initiative and a Sikh-Jewish cookery project, to name a few. In addition, links have been cemented with local Christian congregations following a moving handover ceremony of the Shalom Declaration.

Much of our work as an umbrella organisation takes place at a cross-communal level and we also support events such as Shabbat UK and Mitzvah Day, and have assisted in the amalgamation of the Porton Library with the Brotherton Collection.

To Contact LJRC:


Facebook – www.facebook.com/leedsjewishcommunity

Twitter –  @JewishLeeds

For any further informtion please contact the LJRC office at [email protected]  or call 0113 218 5869.