Leo Noé

Leo Noé is a Vice President and treasurer of the Jewish Leadership Council.

Leo Noé is the Executive Chairman of BMO Real Estate Partners, a member of the Board and Executive Committee. He joined the Board on completion of the F&C/REIT merger in September 2008, having previously been founder and Chairman of REIT Asset Management where he was responsible for overall strategy and client liaison. With over three decades of experience in the property industry Leo’s involvements are extensive.

Leo was a member of the Holocaust Commission, the Commission on Jewish Schools and Chairman of the SSIG. He is an active participant in education strategy and planning projects. Primarily through the Rachel Charitable Trust, Leo is a benefactor to various charities in the UK and Israel and is a Trustee and Patron to a number of leading education and welfare Institutions. Leo has a particular and keen interest in Special Needs Education, with involvement at Communal and Governmental levels in both the UK and Israel. Leo was instrumental in securing SEN as a specialism under the schools funding programme and has committed his time and energy to SEN within the Jewish Community and to over 50 SEN schools outside of the Jewish Community.