Letter in the Jewish Chronicle on the CWJL

The following letter was published in the Jewish Chronicle on 10th of February 2012:

We, members of the largely male leadership of Britain's Jewish community, write to urge both men and women to complete the survey launched today by the Commission on Women in Jewish Leadership (CWJL), an initiative of the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC), at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CommissionOnWomenInJewishLeadership

Jewish women are high educational and professional achievers who hold numerous leadership roles in the wider world. We are concerned that this is not replicated within our community (‘Women still absent from Jewish leadership’, 12th January). Women are under-represented at senior levels and this substantial talent pool simply does not feature in our boardrooms and decision-making bodies. With balanced professional and voluntary leadership, we could be a stronger and more effective community. Comprised of women from professional and voluntary roles across the community and chaired by Laura Marks, the purpose of the Commission is to shape recommendations for change: we congratulate the CWJL for setting the ball rolling and hope that as many people as possible will contribute their views.


Mick Davis (Chair of UJIA and Chairman of the Trustees of the JLC)
Daniel Grabiner (Chair of UJS) Vivian Wineman (President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews)
Bill Benjamin (Assembly of Masorti Synagogues)
Jon Benjamin (CEO of Board of Deputies)
Lord Greville Janner QC
Lucian Hudson (Liberal Judaism)
Steven Lewis (JLC Trustee supporting the Commission)
Jeremy Newmark (CEO of the JLC)
Stephen Pack (United Synagogue)
Ben Rich (Movement for Reform Judaism)