Emma Jacobs


Emma Jacobs


Student Trustee



In recent years, UJS has adapted leaps and bounds in terms of LGBT+ inclusion, education and celebration on campus and within the wider community.

The Jewish community can always take note from students and youth movements about how best to evolve to be as inclusive as possible. Whether this is initiatives such as pronoun badges or showing signs of welcoming on social media, UJS is at the forefront. I was proud to be part of a motion about having a UJS bloc and pride and branded merchandise to ensure it’s clear to Jewish, LGBT+ students they are welcomed. The learning around the intersection of gender/ sexuality and faith is fantastic at UJS’s liberation conferences and Priday Night Dinners send a clear message across campus.

My LGBT+ role model is Abby Stein. She seems to use her lived experience to learn from and to teach others about how the fight is not over but there are more people to fight alongside now.