Shaan Knan

Name: Shaan Knan

Organisation: Liberal Judaism

What does being part of Liberal Judaism mean to you?

I feel blessed to be part of a progressive faith community that embraces diversity and welcomes everyone. I have been working at Liberal Judaism's headquarters, the Montagu Centre for nearly a decade now and it is like a home and family.

What does being part of the LGBTQI+ community/an ally working towards a more inclusive Jewish community mean to you and your congregation/synagogue?

Faith offers a great opportunity to create inclusive communities. It's a myth that faith and LGBTQI+ identities are at odds with each other. Being trans and a person of faith is my superpower.

Is there anything your congregation/synagogue has recently done for the LGBTQI+ community that you would like to showcase?

I am the founder of LJ's landmark LGBTQI+ community heritage projects, supported the the Lottery Heritage Fund and proudly hosted by Liberal Judaism: Rainbow Jews, Twilight People and Rainbow Pilgrims. These projects have given a voice to marginalised, intersectional identities such as trans and non-binary people of faith or LGBTQI migrants and refugees.

More recently we teamed up with GIRES and produced a resource supporting trans people of faith in the workplace and community spaces:


Who is your LGBTQI+ role model and what have you learnt from them?

My role models are people from marginalised backgrounds that platform their stories and experiences in a proactive and positive way to change the world.

Kate Bornstein was one of my first LGBTQI+ role models from a Jew-ish background; her publication 'Gender Outlaws' transformed me - literally.