Ziv Mann-Wineberg

Name: Ziv Mann-Wineberg Role:

Voluntary Organisation: UJS

Being a part of UJS is eye-opening, because there is so much diversity across the country when it comes to Jewish students. It is always wonderful to meet people who are so different to me, and despite this, connect to them through our Judaism. Being part of the LGBT+ community working towards a more inclusive Jewish community means so much to me.

I spent years grappling with my identity as an orthodox Jew and a Non-Binary person, and I am eager to spread the message that there is no need to give up one identity in favour of the other. Students hear UJS's message at such a crucial part of their life so I think it is so important that we continue to spread the message of diversity and acceptance.

My LGBT+ role model is Marsha P Johnson, a remarkable human being who fought for her rights as a gender-non-conforming person of colour - I think her struggle and her bravery really encompasses the fight for BME LGBT rights, and we as LGBT Jews must continue fighting the good fight.