Liberal Judaism

Liberal Judaism is the dynamic, cutting edge of modern Judaism. It reverences Jewish tradition, seeking to preserve the values of the Judaism of the past while giving them contemporary force.

We are a movement with a sense of purpose, engaged in community life, study, spirituality and social action. We believe in personal freedom and responsibility and the shared and collective bonds that unite us. We actively choose to live out our Judaism as part of a community, and welcome those who grew up as Jewish and those who, later in life, have become accepted into Judaism. We are inclusive and egalitarian, giving equal status within Judaism to those traditionally excluded.

Liberal Judaism believes in the equality of each individual, regardless of race, gender or sexuality. We apply this belief in practice, with support for mixed-faith and same-sex relationships. Liberal Jewish men and women have equality of opportunity in all aspects of religious life, including practice and education. For more on our Values and Affirmations go to

Liberal Judaism aspires to a Judaism that is always an active force for good in the lives of Jewish individuals, families and communities today, and equally makes its contribution to the betterment of society.

Liberal Judaism’s 35 congregations run regular Shabbat and festival services for members and visitors alike. Our rabbis officiate over members’ life cycle events, bringing Liberal Jewish meaning to peoples’ lives from birth all the way through to death and mourning. The team at the Montagu Centre, our London head office offer services to support these congregations to sustain them and help them grow into truly unique Liberal Jewish communities that enrich not only the lives of their members but also of the local community.

We produce a range of publications to help support you on your Liberal Jewish journey. Find out more at