Lira Winston

Lira Winston has worked at PaJeS since 2012 as the Assistant Director of PaJeS working alongside the Director on the strategy and management of the organisation.  She is responsible for leadership programmes for Heads and Governors and runs an annual residential seminar for Heads as well as other training days and networking opportunities. Lira facilitates work Discussion groups where Heads have regular opportunities to develop thinking and understanding about a range of leadership issues in a confidential forum. She is also involved with the Senior Leadership Fellowship which aims to help inspire schools leaders and equip them for the challenges in becoming future Heads.

Lira was a history researcher and moved to work in the Jewish community in 1991 as Director of the Sinclair Charitable Trust and for Jewish Continuity. From 2000 she ran the UJIA Ashdown Fellowship, a leadership programme for education professionals.  In January 2008 Lira became Project Manager of the JLC Report, ‘The Future of Jewish Schools’.