London Jewish Forum



The London Jewish Forum is an advocate for the capital’s Jewish community, campaigning and influencing the public institutions affecting the lives of Jewish Londoners. Rooted within Jewish values, we work across the community regardless of religious, cultural or political affiliations or beliefs and with our neighbours to advance the community’s agenda.

We identify the issues and concerns of London’s Jewish community and ensure that City Hall and Town Halls understand and are responsive to them. These are often the same issues and concerns of London’s wider community. Our well-being is tied to that of our neighbours, so working with communities across the city, we strive to deliver a cohesive, inclusive and tolerant London for the benefit of all.

Our work is diverse and includes:

– Provide a platform for London’s Jewish community to identify issues of concern
– Proactively lobby on the issues which concern our community
– Contribute to the statutory consultations of GLA Councils
– Provide briefings for elected officials, as well as GLA and Council Officers
– Provide the GLA & Councils with institutional knowledge of London’s Jewish community
– Engage with civic organisations, coalitions and campaigns on issues of mutual interest