Marni Levy

Marni Levy has been at PaJeS since June 2016 and has worked in a variety of roles, as office manager and Personal Assistant to the Executive Director. Now fundraising and communications manager, Marni works together with funders, both new and current, on applications and reports. She is responsible for sending out the newsletter to headteachers, governors and stakeholders. As well as organising fundraising events, including the Jewish School Awards. Marni is the project lead for the Mental Health and Wellbeing initiative that is being implemented in the schools, in order to manage and treat matters of students and staff mental health and wellbeing.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Marni moved to London in 2015 after completing her university degree from La Trobe University studying Business (Human Resources Major). Prior to working at PaJeS, Marni worked in administration at Chana Charitable Trust.