Masorti Judaism


New London, New North London and Edgware Masorti came together 25 years ago to found Masorti Judaism. Since then, we have grown into fourteen communities, a youth movement – Noam, a young adults’ organisation – Marom, and the European Masorti Bet Din.

Rabbi Louis Jacobs ardently believed that traditional Jewish practice could be combined with a modern, critical sensibility. The Masorti movement’s purpose is to develop and support welcoming, inclusive Jewish communities, rooted in tradition and open to modern values and welcome people into them.

This is done through:


Now one of the leading youth movements in the UK attracting over 700 young people to our summer camps and Israel programmes.


Masorti Young Adults Division which provides opportunities for those young adult members who prefer to be involved outside of a synagogue setting. A student fieldworker provides Masorti-Jewish programming for members while on campus.

Jewish community organising

Providing effective leadership training sessions in movement-wide training courses and long-term leadership training course tailored for individual community needs.

Masorti Tefillah network

In partnership with Chazan Jaclyn Chernett of the European Academy for Jewish Liturgy, AMS provides training for shlichei tzibbur.

Jewish Educators’ Network

Offering teacher training and curriculum development services to the Chedarim and day schools and provide an on-line resource facility and acting as consultants over the future direction of community education provision

Lishma – Jewish Study Centres

Creating opportunities for marketing constituent communities’ adult education programming to over 10,000 households across the UK. In addition, running centralised courses including a weekly high level Kollel

European Masorti Bet Din

The European Masorti Bet Din provides advanced Rabbinic services to Masorti communities in Europe, overseeing conversions and divorce procedures, supervising the catering of Kosher food, and ruling on complex issues of Jewish Law. The Masorti Movement promotes a vision of Judaism that is traditional, scholarly, tolerant, democratic and inclusive. These values underpin the work of our Bet Din in all areas.


Promoting Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg as the public face of the movement, the Assembly of Masorti Synagogues is building a strong movement identity by articulating a coherent, easily understood message.