Moty Cristal in London

Last month, the JLC hosted Moty Cristal in London. He was visiting primarily for preparatory work for the legal case he is pursuing against UNISON and Manchester Mental Health Trust. Moty is a world renowned conflict resolution expert and peace activist. In May 2012, he was due to run a seminar on behalf of Manchester Mental Health Trust. On learning that Moty was Israeli, UNISON claimed that it would be a breach of Union policy to be trained by an Israeli and therefore boycotted Moty's scheduled session. The Trust subsequently cancelled Moty's booking. Moty argues that this is unlawful discrimination on the grounds of nationality. For technical legal reasons the case was being pursued in both Manchester County Court and an Employment Tribunal. However, Moty's efforts will now be concentrated in winning in the County Court.

Whilst in London, Moty also met with MPs and media outlets that have shown a special interest in his case. He spoke at a Fair Play Campaign Group breakfast, whose work includes combatting the discriminatory work of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement. Moty told the group that he was 'professionally insulted' by the way he was treated by UNISON and the NHS trust that that he is incredibly driven to pursue his case until his demands are met. These include; an admission of wrongdoing from the Health Trust and UNISON, as well as an assurance that this discrimination won't be repeated. He would still like the opportunity to give the session that he had initially been invited to host. JLC support for Moty's case is rooted in the concern that boycotts of Israeli's lead to discrimination against our own country.