A Glimpse Into the Life of.... Hilda Worth, Jewish Women's Aid

I took over as co-Chair of Jewish Women’s Aid (JWA) with Liz Gould, a year ago, and I have often been asked why I got involved in JWA.

I was first introduced to JWA 9 years ago when I attended their annual fundraising lunch. Whilst I had been aware that domestic violence did happen in Jewish homes, I had little understanding about what JWA did or why there was a need for it, as an independent organisation.

JWA is the only cross-communal women’s organisation working specifically with Jewish women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. The national statistic is 1:4 women are victims of domestic abuse at some time in their lives; the Jewish Community is no different.

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Exec Summary: September 2015

With us just having celebrated Rosh Hashanah, now seems like an opportune moment to reflect on a scarcely believable 12 months for the UK and, in particular, the Jewish community. Who would have predicted a year ago that the Conservative Party would have a majority in parliament? The Scottish National Party would have made such dramatic gains? Or that the outcome of the leader of the Labour party would be so controversial.

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Labour Leadership Result – Statement From The Jewish Leadership Council

Reacting to the news after Shabbat, the Jewish Leadership Council said:

The Jewish Leadership Council will, as we always have, find ways of working with Her Majesty’s Opposition on matters relevant to us. Over the course of the leadership campaign, we had a number of concerns regarding some of Mr Corbyn’s past connections, and his stances on policy areas of great significance to the Jewish community. It is important that the legitimate concerns of the community are addressed.

We look forward to meeting with Mr Corbyn at the first available opportunity to discuss our concerns, but also ways in which the Labour Party and the Jewish community can continue to work together in a spirit of cooperation and understanding. We hope that the Labour movement remains a welcoming environment for members of the Jewish community, many of whom have lifelong commitments to it.


The JLC Welcomes Mark Regev As The New Israeli Ambassador To The UK

Following the appointment of Mark Regev as Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Simon Johnson CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council, has made the following comment:

The JLC looks forward to working with Mark Regev in his new role as Israel's Ambassador to the United Kingdom.  As a former spokesperson for the Israeli Prime Minister, Mark Regev brings with him a wealth of experience in engaging with the media. That the Israeli Government has placed such a high profile advocate in the UK shows how vital the UK-Israel relationship continues to be.

The trade and cultural ties which the United Kingdom and Israel enjoy is vital to the Jewish community. I am sure that Mr Regev will continue to grow those associations through his engagements within the community as well as progressing the important political links between our two countries.


Sir Mick Davis, Chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council, Noting The Reopening of the British Embassy in Iran

For a long time Iran has been a destabilising influence across the Middle East. With the ink barely dry on the recent nuclear deal, it cannot be ignored that Iran has shown no sign of changing its behaviour. Indeed, it is continuing its violent rhetoric unabated.

Britain must continue to stand tall against Islamic extremism and Jihadism in all its forms and be vigilant about the threat that the current Iranian regime continues to pose to both Israel and the world.


Mick Davis Comments On Prime Minister Netanyahu's Proposed Visit to the UK

Mick Davis, JLC Chair, has said the following regarding Prime Minister Netanyahu's proposed visit to the United Kingdom:

The Jewish Leadership Council will proudly welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu on his important visit to the United Kingdom in September. As British citizens our community enjoys great freedom and security in the United Kingdom and our deep and close relationship with the State of Israel plays an ever more important role in our culture and identity.

I truly hope that Britain will be at the front line in protecting Israel, enforcing the provisions of the Iran agreement if it is ratified and stand against Iran’s dangerous destabilising policies in the Middle East against the threat that the current Iranian regime continues to pose to both Israel and the world.

I hope that the political link continues to emulate the successful trade and cultural ties that the United Kingdom and Israel enjoy.


The Jewish Leadership Council Appoints The PR Office

The PR Office has been appointed as the retained PR agency for the Jewish Leadership Council, (JLC) following a competitive pitch involving three London based agencies.

Chief Executive of the JLC, Simon Johnson, said;

We have wanted to raise our profile within the Jewish community and wider public sphere for some time and truly feel that partnership with the PR Office will help us do that.  Their knowledge of and expertise within the Jewish community are unparalleled.

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JLC Unequivocally Condemns West Bank Murder

Chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council, Sir Mick Davis said:

We unequivocally condemn the terrorist atrocity carried out by Jewish extremists in the West Bank last night. The murder of 18 month old Ali Saad Daobasa is a tragedy and an affront to our values as Jews and as human beings. Israel’s leaders from across the political spectrum have condemned this crime and the authorities must act swiftly and decisively to bring the perpetrators to justice. Extremism and hatred must be rigorously opposed. While extremists seek to fan flames of tension and conflict, we hope and pray for calm".


5th Annual Primary Ivrit Conference

On Tuesday 16th June, PaJeS held its 5th annual Primary Ivrit Conference at the London School of Jewish Studies, Wohl Campus for Jewish Education. We were delighted to welcome 52 Ivrit teachers from 26 Jewish primary schools to an engaging day of presentations and workshops. We were particularly pleased that our presenters included two of the UK’s top MFL (Modern Foreign Language) training experts – Rachel Hawkes and Greg Horton.

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Envision 2015: a new landscape for women leaders

Over May and June 2015, Lead ran ‘Envision 2015: a new landscape for women leaders’. This innovative leadership development programme for women communal professionals was developed by Lead following a recommendation of the JLC Women’s Commission to develop bespoke leadership development for senior women professionals. Envision 2015 was split into 2 modules; a two day leadership development module and a one day leadership skills day.

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