Yom Ha'atzmaut with UJIA!

On Thursday 23rd April, 300 people joined UJIA for an early start at the Park Lane Hotel for the Yom Ha’atzmaut Business Breakfast, with special guest speaker Baron David de Rothschild. On the same day, their first ever Big BBQ started, with members of the Jewish community throwing BBQs at home to celebrate in the way Israelis do.

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A Glimpse Into The Life Of... Shraga Zaltzman, TrainE-TraidE

There is nothing more satisfying than making a difference to people’s lives. People struggle to find a job after redundancy or to find a way to get on the career ladder. Now, thanks to TrainE-TraidE, not only do they have a job, but they have future prospects available to them. That's a high point of my role – there is simply no feeling in the world like that.

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"5 Minutes with Simon Johnson" - The JLC CEO is interviewed in the Jewish Tribune

The following interview appears in the 7th May 2015, or L'ag B'omer 5775 edition of the Jewish Tribune

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Joint Statement Regarding the Current Framework Deal Between Iran and the P5+1 from Simon Johnson, CEO JLC and Gillian Merron CEO Board of Deputies

We are concerned that the current framework deal between Iran and the P5+1 over the former's nuclear programme does not take into account Iran's behaviour in the region and beyond.

Disregarding the broader behaviour of the Iranian regime for the sake of a deal is irresponsible and dangerous.

Iran maintains its support for proxies, such as Hezbollah, who destabilise the entire region and it continues its sponsorship of terrorism. Hezbollah is known to have perpetrated a terrorist attack on European soil, in 2012 in Burgas, Bulgaria, and is suspected to have been behind the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish centre in Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, Iran propagates antisemitism and Holocaust denial at the highest levels and its poor human rights record, including the persecution of Baha'is, Christians and LGBT people, is well-documented and is widely said to have worsened since the election of President Rouhani.

Iran's insistence on the immediate lifting of sanctions as part of the deal would waste the leverage that current sanctions have provided. The current sanctions target a full range of Iran's rogue conduct, including ballistic missiles, terrorism, support for the Assad regime in Syria, and human rights violations. Acquiescing to the Iranian demand for immediate lifting of sanctions will be to the benefit of Iran's proxies - the Houthis, Hezbollah - who target Jewish interests abroad, and Hamas.

We believe that sanctions should be only very gradually lifted as progress on dismantling and disabling systems is verified by inspectors.


Chair of Liberal Judaism Lucian Hudson Holds Talks With Prime Minister David Cameron

Lucian Hudson, Chair of Liberal Judaism, joined a delegation of leaders from community group, Citizens UK - of which Liberal Judaism in an active member – to hold talks with Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday 26 February.

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Jewish Community Trustee Event 2015

Lead together with community partner JVN hosted a Trustees and CEO’s leadership development event for 150 leaders in the Jewish Community at JW3.

The event began with an exclusive CEO Reception attended by 24 CEOs from top Jewish communal organisations.

Charity Commission CEO Paula Sussex was an inspirational key-note speaker on the theme of Increasing Public Trust in Charities. She highlighted themes such as Charity Regulation, with greater accountability now being demanded by the public, stressing that the Charity Commission is tougher now with charities “More robust, though it is still absolutely about supporting an effective and flourishing sector.”

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We Believe In Israel Conference 2015

The We Believe in Israel conference on 22nd March 2015 saw 1500 pro-Israel supporters gathered together in London for the largest conference of its kind in the UK.

During the course of the day, there were over 70 breakout sessions for participants to choose from, which ranged from topics on the challenges to Israel in the UK, knowledge of Israel, Europe, the wider Middle East, and practical campaign skills.

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School Direct: Initial Teacher Training 2015/16

School Direct offers teachers the opportunity to earn a salary whilst working their way towards Qualified Teacher Status. PaJeS is developing and delivering this initial teacher training programme in partnership with LSJS and the Jewish Primary and Secondary Schools consortia.

The Jewish Primary School Direct programme is an exciting course, designed to help prepare enthusiastic and skilled primary school teachers to gain Qualified Teacher Status. Suitable for both general primary teachers and Jewish Studies specialists, the programme is school-based with sessions led by experts and staff from over 20 schools. More information can be found at:

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Exec Summary: April 2015

It happened at Wembley Stadium, on a Saturday afternoon in 2007, (and in case my Rabbi is reading this, I walked there after Shul, honestly!) and was undoubtedly the moment in my life when I felt the most pride in being a British Jew.

What was this moment and why write about it now? The answer is that I have been thinking about it since drawing up the JLC’s new Mission statement, three elements of which are that we should aspire that the next generation of mainstream British Jews should be assured of their place in British society, proud of their Jewish culture and heritage and confident in their support of Israel. And I had been asking myself- Do I feel any of those things now?  Then I remembered the incident where all of that came together and I felt the proudest.

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Jewish Legacy Is Proving Its Worth

Barely two years after its launch, Jewish Legacy’s recent Market Research results have proved its worth.

Jewish Legacy is an extremely unique charity Campaign in that it is comprised of 50 different charities all working towards a common goal: to emphasise to the Jewish Community that legacies change lives.

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