Utopian naivety which will not resolve the impasse

The debate around Peter Beinart’s recently published book “The Crisis of Zionism” continues to generate interest across our community.

JLC member organisation BICOM have produced an electronic symposium to help explore the issues.  The symposium includes this critical review of Beinart’s book and a response to his calls for a Zionist BDS by JLC Chief Executive Jeremy Newmark.

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Beinart is wrong: We won't build Israel's future by boycotting it today

In this week's Jewish Chronicle, Chair of Board of Trustees Mick Davis repeats his call for a global Jewish 'Big Conversation' between Israel and the Diaspora. Click here for the full article.


National Union of Teachers Motion

Following an alert from the Fair Play Campaign Group and the mobilisation of NUT members through the Jewish Teachers’ Association, it emerged today that a Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)  inspired motion designed to demonise Israel has been dropped from the agenda for debate at the National Union of Teachers (NUT) Conference in a priority ballot.

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Commission on Women in Jewish Leadership Press Coverage

Latest press coverage:

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Dinner with Leader of the Opposition

JLC Trustees and members of key committees recently met Ed Milliband. Matters discussed included Jewish schools, the growing assault upon Israel’s legitimacy, the big society, the importance of charitable giving, shechita and campus issues. One of the outcomes is that Ed has asked us to arrange some interaction with the Youth Movements.


Jewish Care Employee Volunteering Programme

Volunteers are at the heart of many of our communal institutions, not least at Jewish Care, whose vision is a society in which people support and care about one another and are able to participate fully in their community.

Through its Employee Volunteering Programme, Jewish Care is providing a route through which employers can actively encourage their workforce to volunteer their time within the charitable sector. By working flexibly with these companies to create focussed volunteering opportunities that meet their interests and schedule, the scheme reaps a myriad of benefits and good will for all involved.

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Q & A: Lucian Hudson, Liberal Judaism Chairman

1. What motivates you to be involved in communal life?

A desire to give back what the Jewish community has given me as a convert - a new way of looking at things, a deeper understanding of tradition and how to keep it alive, and a sense of common destiny for a better world to come. With my background in journalism, government, consultancy and now in higher education, I hope that I can use my skills to make a difference.

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Exec's Summary: March 2012

It’s easy to get caught up in the narrative of negativity. Against the backdrop of the increasingly intense assault upon Israel’s legitimacy and the ever-present backdrop of extremism and antisemitism there are certainly an array of reasons for the pervasiveness of pessimism in communal discourse. However, it would be the worst kind of victory to award to the boycotters and delegitimisers if we allowed them to define our collective identity as British Jews. That’s why so many of our member charities felt it important to be represented at the Jewish Living Expo earlier this month. It was a magnificent celebration of the rich tapestry of institutions, individuals, principles and activism that exemplifies contemporary British Jewish life. We coordinated a central presence of many JLC members and ten Jewish schools. Combining resource sharing and communal collaboration. A real reflection of what the JLC exists to achieve.

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Chair's Message: March 2012

As world Jewry reflects upon the Toulouse tragedy, it provides a stark reminder of the impact that extreme political discourse around Zionism and Israel can have upon Diaspora Jewish communities, and of the importance of maintaining the infrastructure for both the physical and political defense of our community. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims. Together with the Board of Deputies we have sent messages of condolence and solidarity to the leadership of the French Jewish community.

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Women in Jewish Leadership: The Genie Escapes the Bottle at London Open Meeting

Any lingering doubts about whether the under-representation of women in Jewish leadership is a concern for the community were dispelled at an event held to discuss the issue: it was clear from the start that this particular genie has well and truly escaped from his (or her) bottle.

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