Celebrating Success

It’s easy to get caught up in the narrative of negativity.  Against the backdrop of the increasingly intense assault upon Israel’s legitimacy, red lines being consistently crossed in mainstream political debate and the ever-present backdrop of extremism and antisemitism there are certainly an array of reasons and justifications for the pervasiveness of pessimism in communal discourse.

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Budget scare for charities over tax relief cap

The chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council has raised concerns about the impact on Jewish fundraising of the government's planned cap in tax relief claimed by charitable donors.

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Joint Statement on Toulouse Attack

Joint Statement Issued 09:00 20/3/2012

John Mann MP, on behalf of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism
Jeremy Newmark, Chief Executive, Jewish Leadership Council
Jon Benjamin, Chief Executive, The Board of Deputies of British Jews
Richard Benson, Chief Executive, CST

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JC Interview: Mick Davis

While Mick Davis has been trying to tie up a merger between his own company, mining giant Xstrata, and commodities conglomerate Glencore, he has had to face the latest volley of criticism directed at one of the charities he heads, the Jewish Leadership Council.

Probably no communal organisation has triggered so much contention as the JLC, which he joined as UJIA chairman just over six years ago and has chaired for two and a half years.

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House of Lords Purim Tea

On 5 March 2012, the Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks hosted the second ever gathering of Jewish peers. Following a precedent set last year the event took place to celebrate the festival of Purim.

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Wanted: more strong women

If you're reading this in a café, take a quick look around. If you're at home near a busy street, glance out the window. Chances are you'll see a fairly even mix of men and women - but, once you get to the boardroom or walk the corridors of power, all that changes.

Strong women hold families together and are at the heart of society but the sad truth is that too few of them are reaching positions of power in public and commercial life.

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Letter in the Jewish Chronicle on the CWJL

The following letter was published in the Jewish Chronicle on 10th of February 2012:

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Chair's Message: February 2012

In 2012 the JLC will deliver a number of key outputs around our strategic plan, focusing on the kind of work for which the JLC was created. We will publish major reports from our Commission on Women in Jewish Leadership and our Community Vitality Initiative. These reports will tackle different themes, but together with my fellow trustees I am determined that they will continue the precedent set by our Commission on Jewish Schools - making practical and measurable recommendations that the JLC and our members can deliver and promote.

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Exec's Summary: February 2012

2011 ended on a real high with our 'Chanukah in the Square' event becoming the largest ever public celebration of Chanukah in the UK. The crowd of 4,000 was an incredible spectacle. It was particularly inspiring to see the community gather in Trafalgar Square to celebrate Jewish life rather than for the solidarity rallies and vigils that have become synonymous with that location.

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New JLC Member: The Zionist Youth Council

The Zionist Youth Council is the umbrella body for all of the Zionist youth movements in the UK.

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