Nicola Richards: Midlands update - July 2017

Since March, the Midlands has seen both a Mayoral Election and a General Election and it has been great to work with the community to meet with Candidates and to engage the community in the run up to the election.

Unfortunately, due to the terrible attack in Manchester during the campaign, the hustings organised for Birmingham Jewish Community was cancelled. It was great to have support from all parties to attend the event to speak, and the community were looking forward to asking questions of their candidates. 

I continue to look forward to more meetings with Members of Parliament and with Andy Street, the new Mayor of the West Midlands. Next week, I am attending the LGA (Local Government Association) Conference in Birmingham with Simon Johnson and Local Government Friends of Israel. I will be attending meetings with Local Council Leaders and Chief Executives and providing the briefing of the community I have prepared.

There are two events in the community currently being organised; I have been working with WIZO to bring ‘Women and Their Olive Trees’ exhibition to Birmingham for September, and continue to work on a Balfour 100 event.

I look forward to meeting the community in the East Midlands before arranging meetings with Members of Parliament in the East Midlands, as well as continuing my meetings in the West Midlands.