Nigel Henry

Nigel Henry is the Chairman of Langdon and has been on the Board of Langdon for over 10 years; he has been the organisation’s Vice Chairman for the past 3 years.

Nigel is also a founding trustee and has been Vice Chair of The 1000 Club for the last 15 years – this is a charity that helps to raise money for various small charities within Israel & retrains ex-soldiers.

Prior to Langdon, Nigel was the vice -chair of Brady Maccabi Youth club.

Nigel has over 30 years of business experience; he is the Founder of Henry Homes a property development company for more than 25 years specialising in residential. More recently, Co-founder of Fusion Residential set up in 2006 primarily specialising in providing high quality palatial apartments, with its target market being down-sizers from large properties and premier league footballers property and more recently in 2012 formed Fusion Students providing quality purpose built managed student accommodation. Fusion Students are one of the largest European developers and investors of Purpose Built Student Accommodation. 

Nigel’s hobbies are watching Arsenal, cycling, cycling and occasionally, cycling. 

Nigel is married to Reva and they have three children, Sophie, Emma & Ben.