No to Rockets, Yes to Peace

Together with community colleagues, we invite you to participate in sharing the message “No to rockets, Yes to peace” this Sunday 16th May, 10am to 12noon. 

Israel is facing an unprecedented barrage of rockets from terrorist organisations, with over 2000 already fired. These rockets are targeting the Southern communities of Israel, as well as key population centres like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  

Tragically, a number of Israeli citizens have been killed in recent days. Despite Israel’s best efforts to minimise casualties among non-combatants, Palestinian civilians have also died. We mourn the loss of all innocent life and pray for the recovery of all those who have been injured.  

Israel is facing a serious threat. As Israel is bombarded with missiles from Gaza and malicious lies are spread online, we invite you to send a message of solidarity to Israel and to share our collective wish for peace. We will also show our friends and neighbours across the UK that supporters of Israel want peace.

We call on our community to show their support for Israel by taking part in a Covid-safe demonstration of solidarity accessible to all. We ask you to gather outside, either in a garden or somewhere near your home, with either a group of 6 people or two households maintaining social distancing, to take a picture with the attached graphic.  

We want to send a clear message:  

No to rockets. Yes to peace.  

We invite you to post your picture on social media with the hashtag #NoToRocketsYesToPeace

Leading communal organisations will then share the messages on social media.

For maximum impact, we are asking people to do this between 10am and 12noon this Sunday, 16 May.

Sadly, there is a direct link between conflict in the Middle East and increased cases of antisemitism in the UK. If you do experience or see antisemitism, whether in person or online, please report it to the Community Security Trust here: