Oliver Marcus & Richard Verber: Limmud Conference 2013

Conference Co-Chairs Oliver Marcus and Richard Verber write about the upcoming Limmud Conference 2013

Limmud Conference 2013 will this year look, feel and taste different, with a wonderful team of volunteers working on putting together an unforgettable experience for 2,500 participants from around the globe. With music, comedy, film, politics, culture, history and Jewish learning, there really is something for everyone. Jewish learning is at the heart of Limmud, whether that learning is culture, politics, history or Torah and philosophy. The more Jewishly knowledgeable Jews the community has - whatever your understanding of Jewishly knowledge - the stronger our community will be. There are a number of challenges facing the community today and as a community of communities: there's no such thing as 'the' Jewish community. Our goal actually shouldn't be unity in the sense that we must all act, think and celebrate being Jewish in the same way. We must, however, strive for a better understanding of each community and find ways of working together, respecting our different views and coming together on common areas of concern. Limmud, as a cross-communal organisation, is addressing this challenge - we provide an open space where all Jews are catered for and where ideas can be freely put forward and debated. Limmud Conference is known across the globe for its high-level speakers. It is supported widely across the community and we are always pleased to see the JLC attending Limmud events to engage with Jews from around the UK and beyond, while not being afraid to challenge, and be challenged by the community. All three divisions of the JLC present sessions at Limmud each year, which are a great contribution to our programme. The support Limmud receives from the JLC is much appreciated and we look forward to strengthening our relationship.