Olympics & Paralympics

The Jewish Committee for the London Games is a coalition of Jewish communal organisations who came together to play their part in the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympics Games. With the LJFJLCJVNCSTUJIAMaccabi GB, the Board and others, the JCLG have been working to deliver a real legacy for the Community from the games.

Maccabi GB have been working to increase sports participation, receiving the Olympic Inspire Mark, whilst the JVN have been supporting Jewish and Israeli Games visitors with the website visitjewishlondon.com. Probably the most important task the JCLG set itself in the run up to the games was to ensure a fitting moment in the Olympic calendar to pause and commemorate the loss of life at Munich in 1972 of the 11 athletes, coaches and judges from the Israeli team at the hands of terrorists.

Working with the National Israeli Olympic Committee and the Embassy of Israel, on the 6th of August 800 people gathered at the City of London's Guildhall. Joining UK and other political leaders were members of the Olympic Movement, Members of Parliament and community leaders and activists.

The Prime Minister David Cameron addressed those assembled, affirming that “Britain will always be a staunch friend of Israel. And we will stand with the Jewish people – and with all victims of terror around the world, whoever they are and wherever they are from.” In recalling the tragic events of the 5th September 1972, the day that tempered the euphoria of being awarded the Games less than 24 hours before, he also confirmed the legacy for that evening: “Britain and Israel share the same determination to fight terrorism and to ensure that these evil deeds will never win”.