Orah Barnett

Orah recently began working at PaJeS in September 2019. Her main role is organizing the Jewish School Awards which is celebrating its 5th year. As part of the awards event, Orah is responsible for all aspects of the exciting inter school competition - the PaJeS Pitch. Orah also writes Heads Up which is the PaJeS online communication newsletter.

Orah holds a Masters in Higher Education Administration from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA from Brandeis University where she majored in Near Eastern Judaic Studies and journalism. Orah has worked in Jewish communal organizations in the UK and USA for the past 15 years focusing on programming, communications and event management.  In her spare time she works on her brother’s foundation -Eyal’s Flowers- which  supports the physically disabled, in both medical and non-medical needs.. She also loves to relax with her children and play guitar.