Our Members

We welcome David Ereira as Norwood's representative on the JLC Council of Membership as he succeeds outgoing Chair Bernie Myers. David is a commercial investment real estate surveyor by profession, with a long involvement in Norwood dating back to 1992. David is also currently involved in several other community organisations, including being a mentor for Lead's Adam Science Programme. We look forward to receiving David’s input into our work and wish him the best of luck in his new role at Norwood.

We are also delighted to welcome Michael Mendoza and Matt Herman to the JLC Council of Membership in their new roles as Co-Chairs of the Zionist Youth Council.

Upon joining the Council, Michael stated:

The interaction of current leadership and upcoming youth is vital to the growth and progression of our community. The youth must be able to see what structures and work exists ahead of them whilst the adult bodies prepare and adapt for our arrival. The ZYC exists to enable more cross-denominational programming for young people and to act as a voice for the young people taking part across 9 British youth movements. It is an honour to have a seat on the JLC to do exactly this.

Matt commented:

It is testimony to how seriously the Jewish community regards the development of its young people that the ZYC are given a place on the JLC’s Council of Membership. Together with my Co-Chair Mike Mendoza, I am looking forward to working with the JLC to promote the best interests of the Jewish community, not just in the present but also in the future.