PaJeS Consultation With Headteachers

On Thursday 3rd October, the JLC’s PaJeS division held its annual consultation with head teachers of primary and secondary schools.

The event, attended by representatives from 24 schools, gave the opportunity for the PaJeS team to present their programme for the coming year. Participants heard about the next phase of development of Mesillot Lashem, a multimedia resource used by primary schools to ensure that daily prayer is a more meaningful experience for their pupils. They also heard about the training programme and in-school support and the new routes to qualification for Jewish Studies and Ivrit teachers that will become available from September 2014. The event was also an opportunity for head teachers to share their views and highlight some of the issues that they are currently facing in their schools. Subjects covered included improving the transition from primary to secondary in Jewish Studies and Ivrit, integrating Jewish Studies into the secular curriculum, supporting native speakers in Ivrit lessons and the use of iPads when teaching Jewish texts.