PaJeS Release Second Instalment Of Mesillot Lashem

This October, the JLC’s PaJeS division released the second instalment of Mesillot Lashem - Pathways to Hashem; an, interactive, web-based resource that aims to encourage pupils to explore the meaning of specific tefillot as well as the deeper meaning of prayer and its role in our lives. The new material was presented to 36 teachers at training days in London and Manchester. The teachers represented the 29 primary schools that are using the resource this academic year. The latest resources focus on the Amidah in particular, with short ‘springboard’ movies, interactive presentations and animations which encourage children to reflect on what each section of the prayer means to them. PaJeS plans to roll out materials on Shabbat Tefillah and Birkat HaMazon (Grace After Meals) later this year.