PaJeS Update - November 2018

The new school year has proved to be as busy as ever for PaJeS with many projects taking place and in the pipeline. Here is a taster of a few of our upcoming activities:

Arsenal Project – Kicking off on 1st November, Hasmonean High School for Boys together with East Barnet School will be meeting at The Emirates where they will get to know each other and understand each other’s faiths. Students from East Barnet School are sending a mix of Muslim, Greek Orthodox and Anglican children to meet with the Jewish pupils from Hasmonean. The students will be split into small groups where they will find out about each other’s religions and then put together a presentation which will be delivered to primary schools on 12th November (during Interfaith week). The pupils will have the chance to play a football match on the iconic pitch and tour the stadium. We hope to offer this out to more schools next year.


Teaching Judaism Conference – On 7th November, 60 teachers from Catholic secondary schools from across the country will be getting together at Western Marble Arch Synagogue. The conference will revolve around 4 different workshops. Through the workshops, the teachers, will get to hear about topics such as Shabbat, Kashrut, Festivals, Tanach and Talmud, Life after Death and the Promised Land. Speakers during the day include Rabbi Lionel Rosenthal, Rabbi Michael Pollak, Clive Lawton and Nic Abery to name a few. During their lunch break, teachers will be able to browse a marketplace of interactive stalls where they will have the opportunity to make hamentaschen, write their names in Hebrew and make a meaty meal planner. The day will be a great way to learn about our religion and hear and see information first hand.

Heads Residential – Towards the end of November, PaJeS will be holding our largest annual Heads Residential with 35 heads taking part. The seminar will include a talk by Dame Alison Peacock who will address some of the issues that many heads are grappling with around recruitment, professional pathways, and long-term retention of staff.   We also have Luciana Berger MP speaking who has a keen interest in mental health issues.  The residential is an important networking event for head teachers where they have the opportunity to hear what each other are implementing in their schools and great way to share good practice and share challenges and successes.


Jewish Schools Awards – Preparation for the Jewish Schools Awards 2019 is in full swing and parents, pupils, colleagues and friends have been voting for their teachers to be shortlisted for the awards. The awards, now in their fourth year, are a great opportunity to recognise excellent teaching in all of the Jewish Schools throughout the country. Awards this year include excellence in Israel education and outstanding Chesed initiatives. A record number of nominations have already been received. The awards are generously sponsored and the winning teachers receive £5,000 which allows them to invest money in a project of their choice. Winning teachers from last year have used their money to introduce a maths enrichment projects, a social sciences week and a girls scholars programme to name a few. The Ceremony will be held at JW3 in London on the evening of Monday 11th February 2019. Over 250 guests from across the Jewish community including teachers, school governors, head teachers, philanthropists and leaders of communal organisations will be attending.

Secondary School Curriculum Projects - PaJeS has embarked on an exciting new initiative to develop Jewish History, Israel Education and Contemporary Ethics programmes for Jewish secondary schools in the UK. We recruited an excellent development team and curriculum writers and are about to start writing the first modules.