Partnerships for Jewish Schools (PaJeS)

Partnerships for Jewish Schools (PaJeS) has been established as a division of the JLC to lead the response to the growth of Jewish schools in the UK. Building on recent strategic and consultative work, it aims to consolidate existing projects and encourage greater efficiency and collaboration, as well as sharing excellent practice. It will engage schools in a debate about how to move Jewish education from good to great and help to provide resources where required. Its guiding vision is to work with schools so that all children become enthusiastic and successful Jewish learners, active and involved Jewish citizens and creative and effective contributors to the Jewish community and the wider world. By incorporating the already existing and hugely successful Jewish Curriculum Partnership, it aims also to ensure that all classrooms are well resourced and taught by qualified, high calibre, well-skilled and inspirational teachers.

PaJes has six key areas for its first year; Teacher Development; Leadership and Management; Raising Standards; Supporting Growth and Change; Improving Efficiency and Showcasing Success.

PaJes' work will be led by Alastair Falk, an ex-Headteacher of two Jewish schools and an academy, and former UJIA Director of Educational Leadership. UJIA will retain a strong interest in PaJeS' work and have committed support for its initial development.

A conference on Special Educational Needs (SEN) in partnership with Norwood and the Board of Deputies is scheduled for 6th November. If you would like a copy of the Year One programme, please contact [email protected]