Peers Shavuot Tea

After previously organising two successful Peer teas over Purim, we put together the third Peers' Tea in the House of Lords, this time to celebrate the festival of Shavuot.

We were delighted to be hosted by Lord Palmer, JLC Vice President Lord Fink, Baroness Neuberger, and Lord Mitchell – a true cross party event! The Shavuot tea created the opportunity for many Jewish peers to come together to acknowledge their Jewish heritage and traditions. Baroness Neuberger emphasised the importance of “coming together on Jewish festivals, as it is something that unites peers across party differences and varying religious affiliations and none”. Indeed, we were delighted to give Jewish peers an opportunity to take a break from party politics and to discuss their ongoing work for the Jewish community in the public sphere. Chair of the JLC Board of Trustees, Mick Davis seized the opportunity to thank the Jewish peers for their work in the upper house and their continuous support for many of the concerns of the UK Jewish community.