Rabbi Dr Eli Kohn Presents… JCP in Australia!

In August Rabbi Dr Eli Kohn, PaJeS consultant, delivered training to 21 Jewish Studies teachers from six Australian Jewish day schools currently using our primary Chumash curriculum - Mount Scopus College and Yavneh College in Melbourne, Moriah College, Mount Sinai College and Massada Colege in Sydney and Carmel College in Perth.

Some schools, like Mount Scopus, have been using the JCP Chumash curriculum for a number of years. Teachers reported that students are excited to learn Chumash in an engaging way by analysing text and becoming independent learners. Anthony, a Year 5 student at Mount Scopus, shared with Rabbi Kohn his feelings about the curriculum: “I love to work out the meaning of Chumash for myself. I can really do it - Chumash is my favourite subject!”

During his visit, Rabbi Kohn also presented at the Australian Education Conference for Jewish Day Schools. Over 500 teachers, principals and lay leaders from schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong participated in the conference. Rabbi Kohn presented the PaJeS Tefillah programme – Mesillot Lashem (Pathways to Hashem) – which was received with huge excitement. Teachers were delighted with the opportunity to use the resource in the future, and said that they have been waiting for years for such a high-quality, fully-resourced Tefillah programme.

Following this presentation, we expect that many schools in Australia will begin to use the Mesillot Lashem resource, which aims to revolutionise how Tefillah is being taught and learned in schools.

For more information about the Mesillot Lashem programme including some samples of the resource – see here: http://www.pajes.org.uk/jewish-curriculum/tefillah.php