Reaction to Adjournment of David Ward MP Disciplinary Hearing

In response to the news that the disciplinary hearing for Liberal Democrat MP David Ward has been adjourned, JLC CEO Jeremy Newmark and Board of Deputies CEO Jon Benjamin commented as follows:

This is a pedestrian and lacklustre response to what amounts to antisemitism at the heart of Westminster. Any 'process' that takes place without proper disciplinary action will be seen as a figleaf. Liberal Democrat leaders seem to think that they can express concern to communal leaders about antisemitism in private but fail to step up and confront it in public. We can not accept that scenario. If even now the Party thinks it is simply a matter of educating Mr Ward as to the hurtfulness and inappropriateness of his comments, one has to wonder at the inadequacy of the Party's initial response to his comments and its failure to make its disgust abundantly clear.