Redbridge Participate In Maccabi GB Community Fun Run

The Redbridge Educational Renewal project was launched by the North East London and Essex local communities in partnership with the Jewish Leadership Council in response to the JLC’s Commission on the Future of Jewish Schools.

The report made an urgent recommendation that local school infrastructure in the area adapt to demographic needs and changes which presented challenges to all of the local Jewish schools. The JLC has committed to raise the bulk of the funds required and the local community has committed to ensure that they also make their own contribution to the project costs. In May, 100 participants from King Solomon High School and Ilford Jewish Primary School will take part in the Maccabi GB Fun Run to raise money towards their new school campus. The new campus is being built as part of the Redbridge Educational Renewal project, which includes an extension to the facilities at KSHS, and will relocate Ilford Jewish Primary School into a new building on the site of King Solomon High School, in September this year. This relocation will provide a vibrant and dynamic environment in which good quality secular and religious education is offered for Jewish children in North East London and Essex. Together, the new school buildings will enhance the Jewish community in Redbridge and are vital for a flourishing Jewish community in North East London and Essex. To make a donation to the Fun Run, please click here.