Reshet's Professional Development Programme


Reshet is the Hebrew word for network.  The network continues to grow, creating spaces for informal Jewish educators, young people and volunteers to further continuously develop the field.  Reshet continues to make significant impact in the field of Informal Jewish Education.  Reshet is cross-communal, supporting Jewish youth work throughout the UK. Through training, strategic planning, gatherings and interventions, Reshet works with the informal educators who educate Jewish youth.

Professional Development Programme

Developing Informal Educators is an intervention which supports the individual, organisation as well as the field as a whole.  Professional Development is often extremely challenging to find in the field.  Many informal educators work in part-time roles, and high calibre training is often expensive as well as time consuming. Working closely with colleagues at Ella Forums, this initiative began in October 2016, with participants noting they have increased confidence and skills.  Creating a supportive infrastructure for those working with Jewish youth is also helpful for those working in fairly isolated youth organisations.

The group meet monthly, learning new skills with external presenters as well as taking reflective time to assess their own development needs.  An aim of the programme is to further develop coaching and mentoring skills.  Participants also meet separately, outside of monthly meeting sessions, delivering peer coaching and mentoring. This enables participants to practice their skills with each other as well as providing an additional structure to learn from and with each other.  If you would like to join the next intake to the Professional Development Programme, and your work impacts either directly or indirectly on young people, please contact [email protected] for further information.

Safeguarding sharing best practice

Safeguarding young people is everyone’s responsibility.  Safeguarding remains a key priority which Reshet continues to highlight.  By signposting youth organisations to colleagues who can ensure safeguarding policies and their implementation are up to date and fit for purpose, Reshet is working throughout the community on this essential work.  Reshet has brought NSPCC into the network and is able to source qualified and experienced external trainers to facilitate sessions with professional and lay teams.  In June, working with Lead and JVN colleagues, a Safeguarding workshop designed specifically for trustees, was delivered as part of the Jewish Community Trustees Conference.  Organisations throughout the community are sharing best practice in this area of work, ensuring safeguarding children and young people is a communal priority.  If you would like further support on safeguarding young people, please email [email protected]

Recruitment and Retention

The need to work collaboratively and creatively is essential, allowing professionals to find role that are meaningful and interesting as well as able to earn sufficient salaries to support themselves.  This is a new area of work that Reshet is exploring, seeking to understand and share the needs of organisations searching for suitable candidates and for informal educators looking for professional, paid positions.  Our community enjoys the benefits of numerous sabbatical workers too, some of whom continue to work in the community and some who might be interested in doing so, but simply do not find the right professional role. Internships (paid and unpaid) are also ways of gaining additional experience, which may increase the potential for communal recruitment into the field of Informal Jewish Education. 

Healthy Relationships

In February, the Healthy Relationships conference looked at how we address the relationships young people have with themselves, others and society.  The conference has ben a catalyst for young people, Rabbis and informal educators to work together, creating innovative programmes to support our youth. 

This work was also delivered to 60+ madrichim, who will be leading Israel Tours with their Israeli co-madrichim.  The training they received, designed by Reshet, has equipped madrichim to ensure they care for their own well-being as well as caring for their chanichim in their charge.

Reshet Gathering  - Save the Date

The next Reshet gathering will be on the evening of 26th September 2017.  This is a terrific opportunity for informal educators to come together to meet others, learn more about current initiatives in the field and to celebrate successes.  We look forward to welcoming sabbatical workers to the field.  To find out further information about the Reshet gathering, please email [email protected]