Reshet Update - March 2017


Opportunities to develop

Professionals from synagogues, Jewish schools, youth charities and organisations from across the community have come together every month since October 2016 to increase their skills as well as expand their networks.    The Reshet Professional Development Programme aimed to increase expertise in coaching and mentoring as well as to increase engagement of colleagues who are all working in informal Jewish education in numerous communal settings.

‘I have learned something new at every session and have met people who care about working with young people as much as I do!’

The programme is enabling professionals to lead through coaching and mentoring techniques, benefiting organisations and the young people they serve.

Opportunities to learn

More than 115 educators from Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and London attended the Reshet Healthy Relationships Conference in February 2017. Supporting our community’s young people to think critically about the healthy relationships they create with themselves, others and wider society is the task that sits heavily on the shoulders of many Jewish youth professionals, teachers and Rabbis. In 2016, Reshet developed a network forum, bringing together communal expertise from Jami, Streetwise, Keshet UK, Hasmonean (Girls) and Jewish Women’s Aid, aiming to create an opportunity to for educators to gain ‘hands on’ knowledge in how to best support our youth. Rabbi Daniel Epstein, lay-leader and senior accredited counsellor Ruth Green, Rebbetzin and therapist Naomi Lehrer and keynote speaker, Natasha Devon MBE, highlighted the need to be young person focused and the essential role Jewish youth professionals and volunteers play in the lives of Jewish young people.