Social Care Assistance Fund - more information

Social Care Assistance Fund - more information

Following the emergency response by Jewish Leadership Council [JLC] to establish the Social Care Assistance Fund, 30 organisations delivering specialist services to vulnerable people have applied for urgently needed additional funds for costs arising directly as a result of Covid-19

These charities protect and provide for over 15,000 people in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Essex, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, and Manchester: including people with disabilities; victims of domestic abusecancer patients; vulnerable children; and adults experiencing mental health problems.

People relying on these services include women and children moved to emergency accommodation; young adults with substantial additional needs unable to see visitors in residential care homes; and those who have attempted to take their own lives.

Charities are facing increased costs for extra expert care, measures to enable safe continuation of counselling, physical therapy and face-to-face contact with those most at risk, and more one-to-one support for those that would usually access group activities.

Many are providing additional practical assistance including safe transport for immune compromised children to hospital, kosher food to thousands of ill or isolated people and technology to ensure access to online support and programming.

We are delighted to announce the first twenty grant recipients from the fund are:

Details on the eligibility criteria, process and Review Committee can be downloaded here.

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