SEN Conference

Just over 100 representatives will be attending the Special Educational Needs conference 'Meeting the Challenges of Future Legislation' on 6th November jointly sponsored by PaJeS, a Division of the JLC, Norwood and the Board of Deputies.

The keynote lecture will be given by André Imich, SEN and Disability Professional Adviser to the DfE.  Workshops will include a session with well-known lawyer Jack Rabinowicz, from Teacher Stern, presenting cases raising the type of issues schools encounter. 'How Inclusion Can Work' will be presented by Dr. Michael Hymans, a highly experienced Educational Psychologist, and Alastair Falk, Executive Director of PaJeS, will present a session on parents 'battling the system' and look at how schools might respond to them.

David Ereira, Chairman of the SEN working party said "I am thrilled that 40 schools will be represented and I anticipate a very lively and informative conference at a crucial time for children with special needs. As a community, we need to ensure all schools are responding with sensitivity and a full awareness of their legal obligations, and we also need to ensure schools can access the full range of resources they need."