Danielle Bett: Senior Faith in Leadership

The Senior Faith in Leadership Program (SFLP) aims to facilitate meaningful encounters between people serving different faith communities in different leadership roles – both lay and clerical. It consists of three modules, each of which is three days long.

I was lucky enough to be offered a place on the 2019 SFLP program - I applied after a friend told me of her incredible experience on the 2018 course.

The first module took place in January. As my role as the JLC regional manager in Scotland involves some interfaith and inter-communal work, I was keen to gain a greater insight into different faiths as well as develop my skills when it comes to working across communities and faith groups. 

The course takes place on the grounds of Windsor Castle and brings together and incredibly diverse mix of people with different backgrounds and experiences. The three days spent at Windsor are packed with different activities including scriptural reasoning, team building and fascinating lectures on a wide variety of topics including polarities and unconscious bias. These offer both an academic perspective and applicable skills which are extremely useful. 

As someone who tends to be averse to team building type activities, I was really impressed by how well this was done - particularly considering the challenge of around 20 participants who don’t know one another having to spend an intense and packed three days together. The facilitators and particiants worked excellently to support one another, listen and share. 

I’m so pleased to have the chance to learn from such experts in their respective fields, as well as to meet so many amazing people from different faith groups and cultural backgrounds, and I’m very much looking forward to the next module in March.