Sir Mick Davis Responds to News of the death of Sir Nicholas Winton

Sir Mick Davis, Chair of the Jewish Leadership Council and of the Prime Minister’s Holocaust Commission, has reacted to the death of Sir Nicholas Winton.

There are few people who have had such an impact on history as Sir Nicholas Winton. Whilst the world stood by as Jews were persecuted by the Nazi’s in the period before the Second World War and then annihilated in the years of the Holocaust, Sir Nicholas refused to be a bystander or to allow evil to prevail. He made a remarkable personal intervention in what is today known as the Kinder transport and saved the lives of young and innocent Jewish children who otherwise would have most certainly have died in the concentration camps. His legacy lives on in the thousands of people, directly and indirectly, who owe their lives to his heroism. His name shall endure for generations as a symbol of the power of ordinary people to make a difference to the lives of others. I pass on my condolences to his family at this time as we all mourn his passing.