Social Care - Dilnott Commission on Elderly Care

Jewish Care and Nightingale recently took the opportunity to participate in the Dilnot Commission on Funding of Care and Support. They submitted a joint detailed policy position to the Government and the JLC was able to coordinate and assist by advising on the politics of the debate and how best to communicate some of the social care organisations' arguments in favour of change.

The JLC also helped to facilitate a meeting between senior Commission officials at the Department of Health and senior representatives from Jewish Care and Nightingale to discuss the issues in some detail. Whilst, as always, much depends on the detail within the White Paper (due out in Spring 2012), the Commission's initial findings suggest that this was a very worthwhile exercise, with a number of points from the joint submission being taken on board by the Commission.

Simon Morris, Chief Executive of Jewish Care, said, "It was important that the Dilnot Commission understood our concerns and heard our suggestions for a more streamlined and fairer system, and we were pleased with support the JLC were able to offer. It is vital for Jewish Care and the community as a whole that the Government recognises the level of expertise and insight that exists among our communal organisations."

Leon Smith, Chief Executive of Nightingale added, "We are indebted to the JLC for the work which their team did in helping to prepare the submission to the Dilnot Commission.

As a community we have a responsibility to ensure that submissions are always made on such matters which have wide implications both for the Jewish community and the wider community. Let us hope now that the government acts on some of the very important and insightful recommendations which the Dilnot Commission has made."