The British Jewish Community’s Relationship With Israel

On 18 May 2014, this year’s Adam Science group were privileged to hear from a high profile panel of speakers at their session on the British Jewish Community’s relationship with Israel. The panel discussed Israel’s centrality to the community and the desire for there to be increased education about Israel – its history, geography and culture – so that our younger generations are equipped to engage in more challenging conversations about Israel. The group were left with the following challenge by one of the panel members – ‘How can they, as future leaders, contribute to a sense of peoplehood’? The group now has the perfect opportunity to ponder this challenge as they head off to Boston next month for their international seminar!

Following on from this morning, it was the turn of the GAMECHANGERS to encounter the Gesher leadership programme participants ( UK participants were delighted to hear about the great work that the Israeli participants are doing and to learn about their leadership programme. The Gesher programme was in fact inspired by the Adam Science programme and has participants across the spectrum from Charedi to secular. Through talking to them, the GAMECHANGERS gained the sense that there is more that could be done in the UK to bridge the gap. It is intended that the groups will reconnect during the GAMECHANGERS Israel Seminar later in the year.