The importance of women in the Jewish community

Libby Dangoor, member of The S&P Sephardi Community 

Being part of a community is important to me. As a mother to three small children I want them to grow up feeling like they belong and have a strong identity. I want them to know that they are part of a larger group and can contribute to make a difference to society. Most importantly I want to them to be proud and engaged in their community.

So, I decided to take on a more active role in my community. I had some time on maternity leave and I set up a baby group. It was an absolute pleasure to be with other parents (mums and dads) from my community going through the same experience and sharing those fun and challenging times together.  From there I have continued to build on my involvement and I thoroughly enjoy it. Being a committee member can come with challenges and finding the time can be a struggle but the rewards are worth it. 

I meet inspirational women who tirelessly devote their time and effort to make our community what it is today. From organising the Kiddush to fantastic social events, being committee members to running the friendship club and organising the women’s megillah reading. It is an honour and joy to work with all these marvellous people and I gain so much on a personal and professional level that it is well worth the time that it takes me.

I think the profile of women leaders does need to be elevated within the community but I see this as a challenge for my generation to take on and push through the change we want to see. I think we should be thanking the amazing women that are involved with our communities now and building on their efforts. 

I would urge, all women to think how they can make their communities the place they would want it to be and learn from those already doing it. Make the most of the fantastic opportunity we all have as part of the wonderful Jewish community.