The JLC’s Strategic Priorities For 2014-2016

As we move into 2014, the JLC has decided that there are advantages in articulating the JLC’s Strategic objectives. This allows us to present what the JLC represents and will prioritise to stakeholders, members, partners and the public.

We also thought it helpful, firstly, to state what the JLC is.

The JLC:

  • Is an umbrella body for the Jewish Community
  • Seeks to address the strategic challenges for the community
  • In achieving its strategic objectives, it works closely and in partnership with other member organisations and achieves those objectives through its members where appropriate.

The JLC will concentrate over the next three years on achieving and delivering the following objectives:

Objective I – Structure and Funding of Communal Life

1.     Strategic future planning on community funding and organisational structure

The JLC will take a long term view and propose strategic solutions to the sustainability of community funding and the communal architecture. In 2014, the JLC will work closely with the Board of Deputies to explore bringing the two organisations together into one unified organisation. The Commission on Informal Provision for Young People in the UK Jewish Community (the “Youth Commission”), prepared jointly under the auspices of the UJIA and the JLC, will issue its report in March 2014 and an Implementation Group will take forward, jointly with UJIA, the recommendations. The JLC will look to create greater efficiency in the Jewish community by seeking to encourage consolidation where appropriate. The JLC will also work with other community bodies to build closer links with institutions and leadership within the Charedi communities.

2.     Facilitating community strategic planning and Policy on the Welfare, Health and Social Care needs of the community

The JLC will work closely with its social care members to represent their policy issues to policy makers. In 2014, the JLC and social care organisations will run a social care mapping project that will map service provision and use that to help shape future policy.

3.     Providing strategic planning and support for Jewish Schools and education provision

This objective is delivered through the PAJES division, which, in 2014, is looking at ways in which schools can collaborate more and work closely in partnership.

Objective II – Promoting & Enhancing Jewish Life

4.     Developing and inspiring community leaders

This objective is delivered through the LEAD division. On going programmes include the Adam Science Leadership programme, Adam Science Alumni Events, GAMECHANGERS, Trustee Events, Leading In for community professionals and Senior Women Communal Professionals Leadership Programme.

5.     Coordinating activities which help to deepen affiliation with Jewish Life

Identified priorities for 2014 – 2016 include a Synagogue Vitality project, a major piece of research into best practice in Synagogue Vitality being run by renowned expert Professor Stephen Cohen, and Chanukah in the Square.

Objective III – Communal Response to Crisis

6.     Coordinating the Community response to crisis

Objective IV – External Relations

7.     Facilitating appropriate community response and action when Israel related issues impact the UK Jewish community

This is delivered through initiatives such as the Fair Play Campaign Group, which is a joint project with the Board of Deputies, the Political Oversight Group’s anti-deligitimisation project, regular Liaison meetings with the Embassy of Israel and involvement in projects such as the Global Coalition for Israel.

8.     Coordinating appropriate community political response and engagement.

The Political Oversight Group coordinates and strategically advises on political engagement across the community. The JLC coordinates and facilitates annual institutionalised meetings for the community with the Prime Minister and leaders of the main opposition parties, regular meetings with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and ad hoc meetings with other government ministers and officials to ensure that policy issues of concern to members are taken to the heart of Government.

We will report our progress against these objectives to our Council and Trustees throughout the year.