The JPR National Jewish Community Survey

Jewish Policy Research Director Jonathan Boyd discusses the National Jewish Community Survey, an initiative supported by the JLC.

The National Jewish Community Survey (NJCS) is the first survey of its kind for over a decade, and has been carefully constructed over the past two years to generate data to support the planning needs of British Jewish community organisations in the coming years. The research team at the Institute for Jewish Policy Research has worked closely with professional and voluntary leaders from a wide range of Jewish charities to identify the issues that most need to be explored. The questionnaire includes a particularly detailed section concerning the care and welfare needs of children and the elderly, as well as substantial segments examining Jewish educational preferences, experiences and opinions, and patterns of charitable giving. It also contains a significant number of questions designed to understand more about the identities of British Jews today, and how they have changed over time. Arguably the most important parts of the survey are the various questions relating to Jewish demography. These have been included to ensure that the dataset can be accurately cross-referenced with UK Census data, community records held by the Board of Deputies, and various national surveys. This not only aids the short-term data analysis process, but also ensures that the NJCS dataset can serve as a key resource going forward for any social scientific work on British Jews. The initial findings report is scheduled to be published at the end of 2013, and the data will then be used to issue a range of subject-specific reports throughout the course of 2014. Along with the UK Census data, it can also be used to produce bespoke reports for individual organisations, and the JPR team will be available to begin to undertake that type of work next year. To complete the survey, please visit