UJIA is the largest Jewish charity in the UK working with young people and focusing on strengthening Jewish identity and a connection to Israel through formal and informal educational programmes.

UJIA has spent the last ten years investing in programmes that make Judaism and Israel inspiring, relevant and accessible to young people, reaching thousands of youth in traditional settings like Youth Movements, as well as Jewish pupils in mainstream schools who would otherwise have no Jewish content in their daily lives.

In northern Israel, UJIA works with all residents of the multicultural Galil region, regenerating and transforming communities through educational upgrades, working with at-risk youth and promoting economic regeneration through many local projects.

These all strengthen the region’s social infrastructure and provide a significant boost to the local economy. We also fund projects for sustainable employment, providing small business support and vocational training.

UJIA also promotes direct ‘people-to-people’ links between our community and the people of the Galil, to build long-term, mutually strengthening relationships. Programmes encourage children to explore Judaism and Zionism and experience the wonders and challenges of the Jewish state – as well as enabling Israelis to understand Jewish life in the UK. These programmes are inspiring the next generation to understand the role of Israel in Jewish identity – and why a Diaspora community like ours is important to Israel.