The Union of Jewish Students

The Union of Jewish Students (UJS) is the only representative Jewish student organisation in the UK. UJS ensures that student life is a fulfilling and enriching experience.

UJS is both a service provider and facilitator. We represent our membership through Jewish Societies (JSocs)

UJS provides accommodation, Kosher food, training for JSocs, national events, campaigns and careers services to ensure that student needs are addressed in all key areas of student life.

Jewish students make up 0.5% of the whole student population in the UK, which represents about 8,500 students. These students are spread across many institutions, across 60 UK campuses.

UJS have over sixteen Hillel centers throughout the UK, some residential, some social spaces. This year, we have been working with the National Union of Students (NUS) Services Department to try to provide national Kosher food provision in areas where it is needed. Nottingham University has its very own kosher food outlet in the Student Union

UJS trains and supports JSocs throughout the year, but this training culminates at the annual UJS-Summit. At Summit, the sessions range from interfaith, understanding antisemitism on campus,event planning, fundraising, publicity, pluralism and even cooking. We also have other national events, such as the UJS Student Awards, the JUEFA Cup, Conference, Shabbat UK, Birthright and March of the Living and all our Careers Events.

UJS Campaigns is a central part of what we do. We continue to fight against hate speech and antisemitism on campus. In the National Jewish Student Survey (NJSS), 68% of respondents said that they were ‘worried about finding a job after university.’ UJS tries to provide students with networking and internship opportunities. We have careers networking events, master classes and our summer internship programme.