Visa Problems

Some JLC member organisations, youth groups and regional communities benefit immeasurably from the input of shlichim, temporary emissaries from Israel. Shlichim spend a temporary period of time in the UK, working with the community to enhance the relationship between UK Jewry and Israel and often providing particular input in the arena of Jewish education. The way in which this scheme operates is now under threat due to proposed changes by the UK Border Agency which will severely limit the maximum length of stay and other rights, such emissaries and their families.

Our model of community development has synagogues, faith schools and peer-led youth movements at its heart. It is precisely these institutions that are often supported by emissaries from Israel and professionals from across the Jewish world. The JLC has been pleased to take a lead in coordinating communal efforts to seek a solution to this problem. Working together with the Board of Deputies, the Jewish AgencyUJIA and others we have ensured that appropriate submissions have been made to the Government and that every effort is made to set out the case to protect the scheme as it currently exists.