Wohl Secondary Ivrit Programme

The PaJeS Division of the JLC is delighted to announce that development of the Wohl Secondary Ivrit Programme for Key Stage 3 is underway. A new partnership project between PaJeS and The Centre for Educational Technology/Matach, it follows the success of the earlier partnership which led to the development of the Ivritbeclick resource for UK primary schools, currently used in over 30 Jewish schools in the UK as well as Jewish schools around the world. Through the development of the Key Stage 3 Ivrit programme, combined with training opportunities for Secondary Ivrit teachers, PaJeS aims to transform the teaching and learning of Ivrit in UK secondary schools.

The ground-breaking four-year project is funded by, among others, the Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation and UJIA and is supported by 10 Jewish secondary schools. On completion, the programme will impact approximately 4000 students every year. Fortuitously the agreement with CET was signed hot on the heels of the Department for Education's announcement that it has scrapped a proposed prescribed list of languages in primary schools, enabling Jewish schools to continue to allocate time to the teaching of Ivrit. The Wohl programme will help to ensure that progress made in Ivrit at primary level is built upon in secondary schools. The programme will comprise a progressive, structured curriculum, incorporating state-of-the art resources and delivering an ongoing programme of professional development for teachers. It aims to increase students’ attainment, deepen their connection to Israel and, critically, to increase their motivation and enjoyment of Ivrit.