Work Avenue


Work Avenue is a communal organisation operating across the full spectrum of the Jewish community. It assists people in creating long term sustainable incomes either through creating work opportunities or helping businesses develop and flourish. Work Avenue creates opportunities for everyone, at any life stage, in any situation.

Work Avenue aims to provide people with essential lifelong skills to support themselves and their families by:

-    Providing support to get people into or back into work

-    Assisting individuals in finding work placements

-    Training people for the workplace

-    Enabling people to make informed career choices

-    Increasing the success rate and long term sustainability of new and existing businesses

Work Avenue is headquartered at and runs WE Hub (Wohl Enterprise Hub), a state-of-the-art shared workspace in Finchley, allowing businesses to share ideas, grow and become self-sustaining.  The layout and mix of facilities encourage interaction between Work Avenue clients and industry experts, building a network and creating opportunities.

Work Avenue supports over 2000 people each year in their journey to becoming financially self-sufficient.

Phone number: 020 8371 3280

Email address: [email protected]