The Zionist Youth Council is the representative body of the 9 Zionist Youth Movements in the UK and Ireland and is made up of Bnei Akiva (www.bauk.org), BBYO (www.bbyo.org.uk), the Federation of Zionist Youth (www.fzy.org.uk), Habonim Dror (www.habodror.org.uk), Hanoar Hatzioni (www.hanoar.co.uk),  LJY-Netzer (www.ljy-netzer.org.uk), Noam (www.masortiyouth.org/noam), RSY-Netzer (www.rsy-netzer.org.uk) and the Tsofim (Israeli Scouts) (www.israelscouts.org). Supported by UJIA, the ZYC members take over 55% of any given year group on an Israel tour programme.

The ZYC aims to be  the mouthpiece for youth movements and their members. It represents young Jewish people to the wider Jewish community, organises cross-communal action and facilitates cross-communal interaction for the membership of all movements.