Jami Family Resilience Conference

From our work in schools and the wider community Jami are aware of the huge unmet need for further emotional well being support for families in our community. Our conference, will bring together expert speakers and special guests including Dr. Nikki Teper as seen on Channel 4’s Born Naughty and Jonny Benjamin, campaigner and filmmaker. We will also be asking families to share their thoughts on what they would like to see being put in place to support their needs and Jami will be capturing family feedback.

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Exec Summary: December 2016

I am writing this article in an atmosphere of sadness.

My community of Hampstead Garden Suburb suffered a deep tragedy on 12 December when our friend Stuart Epstein suddenly passed away, aged just 44, leaving his wife and three young children, parents and siblings. Stuart’s sudden passing has led to an outpouring of sadness and grief within the community. He was a deservedly popular man, who always had a kind or funny word for everybody, was friendly, charitable, inspiring and a pleasure to know. He lived to meet his own aspiration, which was to always be a mensch.

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Report On The Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and Region 2016

The JRC holds regularly meetings for its affiliates on the first Sunday of every month. Members of the JRC have the privilege of being addressed by a range of excellent speakers at these events. This year’s speakers have included MPs Luciana Berger and Ivan Lewis; Iris Chaytow of Jewish Women’s Aid; Daniel Berke, Co - chair of the Zionist Central Council (ZCC) and Robert Festenstein, Co-chair was of the Jewish Human Rights Watch.

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Q & A With The Director Of The Zionist Federation Arieh Miller

Having recently become a member of The JLC, what opportunities do you hope to get from joining and what expertise will the Zionist Federation offer to the JLC and its member organisations?

The Zionist Federation is very excited to join the JLC. After many years of working alongside and together with the organisation, it is a pleasure to now sit within the JLC’s broad umbrella. The ZF too is an umbrella organisation, with constituent members from the left to the right both politically and religiously, all coming together under one common ideology, Zionism. The ZF is proud to bring this umbrella within the JLC, working to bring a grassroots but established Zionist voice to the table, whilst gaining a huge amount from the collective knowledge, influence and credibility of the JLC.

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The London Jewish Forum Hosts A Chanukah Reception

The London Jewish Forum (LJF) advocates on behalf of Jewish Londoners across the city. Working with the Mayor's office and the London Assembly, as well as Local Councils and other faith and ethnic communities, our goal is to promote on behalf of every Jew in the capital and make a difference in our communal life.

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From The Chairman's Desk: December 2016

I think that 2016 will go down as one of the most extraordinary years in this millennium. On the one hand, a revolution appears to have taken place in the West with voters signalling their acute dissatisfaction with the status quo through their choices at the ballot box.  The European Union referendum, the United States Presidential Elections and even more recently the rejection of constitutional reforms in Italy have sent the political class back to the drawing boards, but it is still moot whether the options chosen by the electorates will  deliver the outcomes that voters clearly seek. What is abundantly clear is that the world is a more complex place at the end of this dramatic year and complexity needs steady hands at the wheel as we navigate the various options before us.

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UJIA Super Sunday

UJIA held their bi-annual Super Sunday telethon event on Sunday 4th December. Representatives from the youth movements, trustees and other volunteers hit the phones with UJIA staff and raised over £60,000. To celebrate going above the £50,000 mark the volunteers and staff celebrated by taking part in a Mannequin Challenge which can be found on UJIA’s Facebook page. If you would like to volunteer at a future Super Sunday please send your name to [email protected].


Balfour 100

On 2nd November 2017, Jewish communities around the world, and in particular, the British Jewish community will come together to celebrate the centenary of the Balfour Declaration; the 67 words that led to the creation of the State of Israel. In order to mark this historic occasion, our community has come together to host a number of events and provide a wide range of resources that will mark the anniversary under the banner of the ‘Balfour 100’ campaign. The Balfour 100 campaign launched on 2nd November this year.

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Face The Truth – Domestic Violence & Abuse Happens In Your Area

One in four women in the UK will experience domestic violence and abuse during their lifetime. Jewish women are no different, and for 30 years JWA (Jewish Women’s Aid) has been there to help them. Yet it has long been a taboo – people just don’t want to talk about it or acknowledge the problem. This means it’s a hidden problem, and the women and children who need JWA don’t know they exist.

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PaJeS Heads Residential Seminar – 28th to 29th November 2016

At the end of November, PaJeS held its second residential seminar for Head Teachers at Hunton Park in Hertfordshire. Thirty one head teachers came together from both primary and secondary Jewish Schools and came from as far afield as Calderwood Lodge Primary School in Glasgow. The seminar was a great opportunity to get head teachers together and to discuss many topics as well as getting advice and giving guidance.

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